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Kristy Landgren: Bio

Kristy Landgren was born in Rockford, Illinois, into a very musical family. Her mother began her musical education with piano lessons at age 4; she played throughout school and in garage bands, sang and provided accompaniments for A Capella choir, participated in school plays, musicals, variety shows, community Corales and began playing the organ in church at age 16. Since she loves poetry and music, she has been naturally drawn to songwriting as an avenue for personal expression and artistic enjoyment.

Kristy graduated from Chicago’s Loyola University - School of Dentistry/Dental Hygiene program. She is licensed to practice Dental Hygiene in California, Illinois and Arizona. In 1995, she was appointed to serve on the State of California’s Dental Board/The Committee on Dental Auxiliaries. She served the citizens of California for nine years, completing her two terms of service and a grace year, in 2004.

Kristy originally played in the band Landmark with childhood friend, John Copeland, and with brother, John Landgren. They produced and recorded “Open Up Your Heart” and “Heal Your Broken Heart”, which included the musical skills of Robert "Jake" Jacobs (drums), Woody Smith (bass), Jaime Campbell (guitar), Erin Caldwell (harmonic vocals), and other talented musical contributors. Kris loves juggling the world of science and art, practicing dental hygiene by day and moonlighting as musician by night. She continues to write and record her music. Kris is a warm human being and a passionate musician who finds great reward in her efforts to contribute to the thorough dental health and the harmonic well-being of her patients and her fans!